Rob Dependahl - Faculty Excellence Award

Feb 11, 2010

Original article by Joan Galvan for SBCC’s FAST News

FEBRUARY 2010 FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD RECIPIENT – ROBERT DEPENDAHL. Professor of Computer Science Rob Dependahl has worked at SBCC for 30 years. He received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Oregon and his M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Soheyla Javanbakht - 10 Years of Service

Sep 24, 2009

Original article from the minutes of the SBCC Board of Trustees.

Dean Nevins spoke on the 10 years of service of Soheyla Javanbakht. Soheyla started with us about10 years ago, she is actually a product of SBCC and she has made herself an indispensable part of our educational mission. She has done that with a constant focus on students and student success. Soheyla has gone out of her way to work with difficult students and has done so in such a manner that

Aaron Eidelson - 2009 Student of the Year

May 15, 2009

Aaron Eidelson was named the 2008-2009 Computer Science Student of the Year. Congratulations Aaron!

Aaron Eidelson

For Those Who are about to Pretend to Rock!

Apr 24, 2009

Original article by the Independent’s Sam Rolens

A host of imitators of rock and roll’s most popular acts from the past 30 years gave bizarre and not entirely lackluster performances this Wednesday on the Santa Barbara City College Campus, playing their beloved classics through a series of humble mediums. Ranging from half-hearted lip-synching to student Chris Romine strumming a plastic guitar behind his head a la Jimi Hendrix, students and faculty of various gaming skill levels at City College turned up to compete and revel in novelty at SBCC’s first annual Rock Band-off, with the popular video game making the point that it’s not who you are that matters, it’s who you can pretend to be.

Daniel Vucci - 2008 Student of the Year

May 16, 2008

Daniel Vucci was named the 2007-2008 Computer Science Student of the Year. Congratulations Daniel!

Daniel Vucci